Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Youth's Companion Happy New Year

With the New Year upon us I thought these cards were appropriate ones for this week.

The Youth's Companion was an extremely popular magazine for juveniles. It was published in Boston by The Perry Mason Company from 1827 to 1929 when it was absorbed by The American Boy. ( Apparently this company's name is the origin of the Perry Mason name used by Erle Stanley Gardner in his books).

So let these cards wish anyone who glances at this site a happy New Year.



  1. We share a couple of these and I own a couple different ones. I picked up a couple annuals as an afterthought and do not pursue them but the ephemera is nice.

  2. Just removed several of these that are in excellent shape from a scrapbook. Curious to their value. I have all four of the 1883 cards.