Sunday, January 23, 2011

Horatio Alger Trade Card-The Backwood's Boy

Abraham Lincoln, The Backwoods Boy; or, How a Rail-Splitter Became President was written by Horatio Alger and published first by John R. Anderson & Henry S. Allen in 1883.
Here is a trade card for that book. I believe this card refers to the first edition. The later reprints by David McKay and Street and Smith which are titled " The Backwood's Boy" do not mention the "Rail-Splitter" in the subtitle.

This card notes the price of the book as $1.00. The original price on the first edition is $1.25. Perhaps the bookseller discounted the price.

I have seen not any other trade cards for Alger books. I believe that they must be quite scarce


  1. I think they are incredibly scarce because I don't think the publishers Loring or Porter & Coates ever put any out. I've seen a few Optic volumes advertised by booksellers also in addition to the Lee & Shepard promotions. Nice card!

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