Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Estes and Lauriat Trade Card- The Zigzag Series

In the past I have shown several trade cards advertising Estes and Lauriat published books. Here is another card from this Boston Publisher. This small card ( 4.75 x 2.5) advertises one Zigzag book the back.
Previously Butterworth's Zigzag Series has been discussed. It was perhaps the most popular series that Estes and Lauriat published. The Journeys in Europe book was published in 1880. Zigzag JOurneys in Classic Lands was published in 1881. This card therefore is most likely from 1881.

The two formats of "Europe" which are noted in the advertisement on the trade card are shown below.


  1. I need to start checking your blog again...I'm late in my comments.
    I've never acquired these but I've often thought about it when they pop-up every so often. Earlier Goodrich volumes were basically text books about geography, biology or botany disguised as stories ( e.g. Rollo series) and I assumed these were no different...a throwback.

  2. These books are mainly travelogues with the characters mainly used to help the story go from place to place. Critics have noted numerous inaccuracies but even so these volumes were among the most popular of all the Estes and Lauriat published juvenile books.

  3. This series appeared with a number of cover designs. A "new Edition" in 1904 was designed by Miss Amy Sacker