Sunday, March 20, 2011

Unusual book-The Jingle of a Jap published by Caldwell

As I continue to work on a bibliography of the H. M. Caldwell publishing company, I have come across a very unusual book. In the past I have shown books with various cover attachments but never anything like this.

In 1906 Caldwell published a not quite politically correct book entitled The Jingle of a Jap. This attractive book was written and illustrated by Clara Bell Thurston. It is about the love of a Japanese doll for a Parisian doll. This was an interracial theme not widely accepted in that era. Glossy pages with beautiful illustrations are plentiful throughout the book.

The cover of this book is made of cretonne. This is a "strong , white fabric with a hempen warp and linen weft". ( Clearly the covers of this edition were taken from a large decorative piece of linen such that each book takes a slightly different piece of the linen swatch. Thus, each cover is distinct. This is similar to that which is seen on the Altemus Boys and Girls' Classics Series. See: .

The first edition though is quite unique. A bisque doll is attached by twine in the upper right corner of the cover.

This very rare first edition came in an oversized box which is large enough to put the book and doll into without difficulty. The picture on the box is identical to the title page.

I have seen three books with dolls and interestingly enough each of the three dolls had different clothing. I am showing the other books/dolls . One is for sale at this site:

The other is shown here at a site about japanese Dolls:

The second edition was published in 1907. This book has board covers with an inlaid cover picture which duplicates the title page.

A very fascinating book.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Estes and Lauriat Trade Card- The Zigzag Series

In the past I have shown several trade cards advertising Estes and Lauriat published books. Here is another card from this Boston Publisher. This small card ( 4.75 x 2.5) advertises one Zigzag book the back.
Previously Butterworth's Zigzag Series has been discussed. It was perhaps the most popular series that Estes and Lauriat published. The Journeys in Europe book was published in 1880. Zigzag JOurneys in Classic Lands was published in 1881. This card therefore is most likely from 1881.

The two formats of "Europe" which are noted in the advertisement on the trade card are shown below.