Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Stratemeyer Advertising Pamphlet from LL&S

Today I wanted to present a great advertising pamphlet from Lothrop, Lee and Shepard.

In my experience pamphlets which advertise juvenile series books are quite uncommon. Clearly a one page or an accordion-like ad is much easier and certainly much cheaper to produce. This 64 page pamphlet is a vehicle for promoting Edward Stratemeyer's juvenile books.

Not only are there excerpts from some of Stratemeyer's books here but there are also numerous ads with book pictures from his various series.

The series noted are:
Dave Porter Series-Volumes 1-3
Pan-American Series
Old Glory Series
Soldiers of Fortune Series
Colonial Series
American Boys' Biographical Series
The Stratemeyer Popular Series (12 volumes)

Excerpts are presented from:
Dave Porter at Oak Hall (Dave Porter Series)
Defending His Flag
Lost on the Orinoco (Pan American Series)
Under Dewey at Manila (Old Glory Series)
Under the Mikado's Flag (Soldier of Fortune Series)
With Washington in the West (Colonial Series)

Also included in this pamphlet are numerous illustrations from the books themselves.

I believe this pamphlet dates from 1907. Both Dave Porter's Return to School and Defending His Flag were published in that year. There are no later books noted.


  1. Glad to see the new additions to the blog!

    I think that Stratemeyer financed part of the cost of this advertising. His letters in the Stratemeyer Syndicate archives at NYPL show that he paid for addressing and mailing pamphlets and similar advertising material to promote his books.

  2. Very interesting. I was not aware of that.

  3. Yes. I presented about this topic a couple years ago:

    James Keeline

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