Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Advertising Cover-The American Garden

There really is no end to publishing and book/author related ephemera. I thought with the new year I would expand the blog a bit and show some items that are not necessarily related to children's literature.

Here is an advertising cover for a magazine called "The American Garden". This magazine was first published with this name in 1873. Its first iteration was as "Flower Garden" from which it evolved. This journal was bought by Beach, Son and Company which was a seed and bulb dealer. At first it was a quarterly but in 1882 it became a monthly. At that point it went on a popularity roll. It acquired Ladies' Floral Cabinet in 1887. In 1888 it took over The Gardener's Monthly and The Horticulturist. In 1892 it changed its name to American Gardening. After a successful run it stopped publication in 1904.

Of course, for those of you up north you have plenty of time to find some old bound copies of these journals and begin to prepare for your planting season in the months to come.


  1. The American Garden remains a place of tranquillity, brimming with a vibrant array of rhododendrons and scented azaleas, interwoven by sunlit glades and meandering pathways.

  2. I wonder if anyone has an image of the dust jacket for Jack Straw, Lighthouse Builder by
    Irving Crump.

  3. I lived in the tiny village of North Hadley ... nice!