Friday, July 16, 2010

Harper and Brothers Advertising Calendar August 1886

Here is a great little item. Harper and Brothers is one of the really long-lived publishers. Beginning as J. & J. Harper in 1817 and evolving into Harper and Brothers in 1833 it was one of the major 19th century publishers. Harper's Weekly was a hugely popular periodical especially during the Civil War.

This little calendar from August, 1886 advertises a number of books published by Harper. Most publishers produced these little advertising pieces in this era. They are not too easy to find however.


  1. Nice item, Cary. I'm curious about how these advertising pieces got distributed. I noticed one of your labels for this post was Franconia Series-Boxed Set. I assume you may have found this piece in one of your collectible sets. Perhaps these ads were also distributed to bookstores that sold Harper and Brothers' publications and a few escaped the trash can. Whatever, most seem to have been tossed after a short life of use. I don't come across them very often.

  2. Hi Chuck,
    This piece was just a random find. I am not sure if it originally was distributed just within books or sent separately to book dealers.