Thursday, December 23, 2010

D. Lothrop and Co. Trade Card

Here is another piece of ephemera from the Lothrop book publishing firm. Perfect for this time of the year, it is a Christmas card which advertises a book sale.

Many of the book publishers of this era also sold books to make ends meet. With this card Lothrop announces that it will no longer be in the retail business.

D. Lothrop & co. was at the Franklin Street (on the corner of Franklin and Hawley) address between 1875 and 1887. Prior to that Lothrop was on Cornhill Street. Although I cannot be certain, I believe this card dates from 1886. That is the year when Lothrop advertisements changed from "Publishers and Booksellers" to say only " Publishers".


  1. Hmm. I don't remember seeing a 19th-century illustration of a child with eyeglasses before. Have you seen such 19th-century illustrations before?

  2. I really did not even think about it. I will keep my eye out from now on. Cary

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