Saturday, October 24, 2009

River and Wilderness Series By Edward Ellis

The River and Wilderness Series was a three book series published in 1893 . It was written by prolific author Edward Ellis. (Blog about Ellis coming in the next couple of days).Initially published by Price-McGill, it was later reprinted by Merriam Company, Henry T. Coates and Winston. The Coates book was part of its multiauthored Roundabout Series. The stories are about Indians and the frontier.

1. The River Fugitives 1893
2. The Wilderness Fugitives 1893
3. Lena Wingo 1893

The Price-McGill Company was one of the publishing houses that if you blinked, you missed it. Of course, I suppose not being in a mecca of publishing probably did not help this firm much. They were located in St. Paul, Minnesota.

The Price-McGill Company was founded in 1891. It was succeeded by the Merriam Company in January of 1894. So it had a two year active window. During this period it did publish a number of juvenile books including the River and Wilderness Series (as noted here) and the War Whoop Series by Lieut. R. Jayne (an Ellis pseudonym).

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