Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Barrows Brothers Series by Jack Bechdolt

John Ernest Bechdolt (1884–1954) was mainly known as a short story writer and as a newspaperman. He wrote more than 6000 short stories. In addition to the Barrows Brothers Series noted here, he wrote with the collaboration of his wife the Dulcie Series. His output included a number of science fiction stories including a Lost race story included in the Barrows Brothers Series He worked for the Seattle Post Intelligencer. A number of his short stories were produce as movies.

The Barrow Brothers Series is a five book series published in 1931 by Cosmopolitan Book Corporation. The books center around Bob and Paul Barrow and their adventures in various locales such as the Arctic and Mexico. These books were well written and are among the more entertaining stories written as juvenile series in their era. Relatively hard to find in dust jacket.

The books.

1. Hidden Waters
2. Frozen Treasure
3. The Race of the Rails
4. Jungle Diamonds
5. Lost Vikings

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