Friday, November 6, 2009

More Boxed Books- Grosset and Dunlap

Boxed books come in all shapes and sizes. From sets of multiple books to singly boxed books, there are a myriad of styles, shapes and varieties.

Today's box is somewhat unusual. This two book box is from the publisher Grosset and Dunlap. The jacketed books within the box are Puss-In-Boots and the Man in the Moon and Puss-In-Boots and Robinson Crusoe. Originally published by Harpers in the 1920's , they now are part of the Puss-In-Boots, Jr. Series written by David Cory author of The Little Jack Rabbit Stories, Little Journeys to Happyland and many others.

The box is labeled with nice illustrative pictures on the cover and sides. What makes this box somewhat unusual are the two wooden Puss-In-Boots figurines inserted into the box. These are well made models. I suspect 1930's publication date but I am unsure. This box would have appealed to kids and I suspect was instrumental in improving sales.

This is another example of what probably is a very large number of unusual boxed books variants.

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  1. Grosset and Dunlap began as a pirate enterprise. Cheaply bound books, sold cheaply, without the expense of royalties.