Tuesday, June 30, 2009

19th Century Dust jackets-Donohue Henneberry

Most all juvenile books in the late 19th century either came in boxes or had dust jackets. The all too frequent bookseller ads which state: dust jacket-none as issued are generally nonsense.

What most of the jackets have in common is that they are relatively colorless having black writing/pictures which match the underlying cover on brown jacket paper.

Here is a very nice dust jacket that does not follow that rule. This book which was published in 1891 by Donohue, Henneberry and Company of Chicago has a dust jacket in color. As can be seen, it does match cover but has red and black coloring. The 1891 date is on the title page.

This book is #2 in the two volume All Aboard Series written by Edward Rand. This series was published by 8 different publishers between 1881 and the early part of the 20th century. Edward Rand was the author at least 10 series.

This series will be discussed in a future blog entry