Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Daniel Lothrop and His Publishing House- Part 2

His business continued to expand as he moved into the Franklin and Hawley location. New magazines such as The Boston Book Bulletin, Our Little Men and Women, Chatauqua Young Folk's Journal were started.

During the late 1870's and 1880's popular books such as the Family Flight Series by Everett Hale, the Five Little Peppers' books by Margaret Sidney and more Pansy books by his wife Harriet Lothrop were unbelievably huge sellers.

Even with the new space Lothrop was running out of room with all of his expanded publishing. Per the Bay State Monthly December, 1884, the four story building was still too small. As it was described-the First floor was the salesroom, second floor was for most of the editorial offices, 3rd floor was the mailing room and the fourth floor the bindery. Another building on Purchase Street was leased for storage and manufacturing.

Lothrop brought in new partners in 1887 and by 1892 had a booklist of 2000 titles which was among the largest in the United States. In 1892 Daniel Lothrop died and for three years his wife Harriet Lothrop (Pansy) ran the company. Finally in 1904 with the company's finances in the dismal straights of bankruptcy, Lee and Shepard bought out the assets and started the newly formed Lothrop, Lee and Shepard.

Dating the Lothrop books is relatively easy. During its history it had three different names and several address changes.
By looking at the imprint on the title page and using the information below , it should be essy to come up with a reasonable approximation of the date a book was published.

The Names:
1. D. Lothrop & Company (1868-1887)
2. D. Lothrop Company (1887-1895)
3. Lothrop Publishing Company (1895-1904)

The Addresses:
1. 38-40 Cornhill (1868-1875)
2. Franklin and Hawley Street (1875-1887)
3. Washington St. opposite Bromfield (1887-1895)

Also G.T. Day was on the early title pages of some books between 1869-1875.

So with these few helps, the first book was published between 1875-1887

This book was published in 1887.

This book was published between 1895-1904.


  1. purchased an Antique kids book named: On The Seas: A Book For Boys. with Illustrations, it does not list the year or writers name ? only has Pub. by D. Lothrop & Co. Dover. N.H. G.T Day & co. can you tell me anything about this book