Saturday, July 18, 2009

George Atwater Inscription

As a follow up to yesterday's entry, here is a letter and a book inscription by the author of the Young Crusaders Series.

The letter would seem to indicate that Atwater was unhappy with the conditions at his camp.

George Parkin Atwater (1874-1932) was born in Lisbon, Ohio. He attended Kenyon College and was ordained a Deacon in 1898 and the Priesthood in 1909. He was not only active in the Episcopal Church but also an avid advocate for scouting. In the Northern Ohio area he founded the Young Crusaders Camp in 1903-1904. This camp was still active (under other names) into at least the 1960's.

Although Atwater never wrote any other juvenile series books , he did write a number of books about or related to his Episcopal religion. Some titles are:

The Episcopal Church -Parish Publishers 1917
The A-A Method for the Cumulative Endowment of Churches-Parish Publishers 1924
A Word- Map of the Old Testament- Parish Publishers 1923
National Administration for the Episcopal Church- Parish Publishers 1919
Annals of a Parish-Privately printed in 1928

He moved from his native Akron to Brooklyn after serving as rector for 29 years at the Church of Our Savior. After two years in Brooklyn he was elected the Suffragan Bishop of the Protestant Diocese of Long Island

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