Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Young Heroes of Our Navy - Advertising Sheet

The Young Heroes of Our Navy is a 10 book series published by D. Appleton and Company between 1890-1902. It is multi authored with 8/10 books written by Molly Elliot Seawell and James Barnes.

It has come to my attention that each of the books originally were published with an advertising sheet for another Appleton book. The ad's dimensions are 7.5 x 5.25. The books were sturdily bound with numerous glossy illustrations throughout (The series will be reviewed completely in a future blog).

My copy of Midshipman Paulding which has 1891 on the title page had an advertisement for Little Jarvis within it. Little Jarvis is the first book in the series and was copyrighted in 1890. Midshipman Paulding was the second book published in 1891.

The sheet can be dated by looking at the address. You can see next to Appleton that it says 1,3, & 5 Bond Street. This was the address of Appleton between 1890-1894. So the flyer was published between 1891-1894.

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