Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Daniel C. Eddy and Juvenile Series

Daniel C. Eddy (1823-1896) wrote a number of juvenile series in the 19th century. I have six listed in my juvenile bibliography but in fairness several are reprints of his earlier series such that there really are only three different series

As is frequently the story with 19th century juvenile authors, Eddy was a man of the cloth. He graduated in 1845 from the Hampton Theological Institute in New Hampshire. As a Baptist minister he served a number of churches throughout the East. His work began in the Boston area. In 1861 he was moved to Philadelphia. Later he served in Fall River, Massachusetts and Brooklyn, New York.

While in Massachusetts in 1854 he was elected to the state house of representatives where he acted as Speaker of the House. He was a member of the Know Nothing Party. (One of my personal political party favorites)

He frequently spoke out about the evils of alcohol. In 1889 he was elected as a manager in the National Temperance Society.

Although he authored a number of religious and moralistic works, my main interest with Eddy will be his juvenile series. He had traveled overseas in Europe in 1850 and in Turkey and the Holy Land in 1861. These adventures served him well while writing his juvenile books since his series were all travelogue in type.

They are:
1. The Percy Family
2. Walter's Tour in the East (A continuation of the Percy family adventures)
3. Our Traveling Party (Reprints of the Percy family Books)
4. Rip Van Winkle's Travels (pseudonym of Rupert Van Wert)
5. Young Folk's Travels (Reprints of Rip Van Winkle's Travels)
6. Eddy's Travels (Reprints of Rip Van Winkle's Travels)

Some book covers are shown here. The actual series will be discussed in future blogs.

Here is the cover used by all three publishers of the Our Traveling Party.


  1. I recently came across an 1873 copy of Daniel C. Eddy's "The Young Man's Friend" in which he offers "admonition for the erring, counsel for the Tempted ...." The cover is in less than fair condition but the contents are quite readable. Look for it on E-bay if interested.

  2. Dear Anonymous,
    Want to politely ask you if you would or could please take the time to look at a book or two for me and inform me of what your opinion is of the book and what if anything you know about them. Have researched and you are one of the very few that seem to honestly know about these vintage books. Your opinion and your knowledge about each would greatly be appreciated. If you should decline I understand and appreciate your time. Thank You Catherine

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