Friday, September 18, 2009

Reilly and Britton Advertising Flyer 1916

Reilly and Britton as noted previously was formed in 1902. It's juvenile series list was not extensive but it was important in terms of publishing several of the L. Frank Baum series. Its books were generally larger than the usual series books published by the "cheap" publishers, i.e. Grosset, Cupples, Burt, etc. Of course, at the same time they were more expensive ranging from 60 cents to a dollar.

In Mattson's bibliography there are eight series listed. Reilly and Lee which is the later incarnation has a seven series list. This does not include the girl's series list though,

Today I am showing a nice accordion pamphlet advertising piece for Reilly and Britton. It has 4 sheets on each side advertising a total of seven series. Based on the book listings this "catalogue" was published in 1916. There are no 1917 published books listed.

Several Baum series are listed including the Mary Louise Series and The Aunt Jane's Nieces Series. The Boy Fortune Hunters Series is not listed as its last book was published in 1911.

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