Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Dick Series by A.W. Dimock

The Dick Series by A.W. Stokes is a four book series written by A.W. Dimock. In many respects it can be considered a companion series to the Jack Series also published by F.A. Stokes. Both series involved adventures of boys in the wild.

This four book series chronicles the adventures of Dick and his buddy Ned in different outdoor scenarios. The title of the book tells of the adventure. The books have photographs done by Dimock.

Anthony Weston Dimock (1842-1918) was an interesting fellow. Well educated at Phillips Academy and George Washington University, he made a fortune in the gold market while working on Wall Street. He subsequently spent time in the West with ranchers and Indians and later was a real estate developer in Elizabeth. New Jersey. He wrote a number of books including Florida Enchantments and this series.

The great stories about Dimock include how he made and lost millions several times. In the 1860's he had invested heavily in Pacific Mail stock . The company went down the toilet so fast that it broke Dimock. Subsequently he remade his fortune in real estate in New Jersey. The financial crash of 1872 wiped him out for the second time. At the age of 41 after making another fortune on Wall Street his investments failed him during "financial disturbances"in 1884.

He was living the good life in 1894 even in significant debt in Kingston, New York when he and his family were served with papers. Dimock was forcibly removed from a rental house with his furniture and family during a rainstorm.

The Dick Series
1. Dick in the Everglades 1909
2. Dick Among the Lumberjacks 1910
3. Dick Among the Seminoles 1911
4. Dick Among the Miners 1911


  1. Two of the three Dimocks illustrated have covers by George W. Hood, who did many bindings for Stokes. Two of them are signed with Hood's initials.

    David B. Ogle

  2. Thanks Dave,
    Subtle- I did not see the monogram. Cary

  3. Of all A.W. Dimock's books, Dick Among the Lumber-Jacks is the most rare. Published only ONCE - September, 1910. Indeed, adding to it's rarity is a Signed edition. I proudly announce that I have a copy! (Only fair to good w/rubbing and fading to spine; moderately shaken w/cracking to rear hinge; owner's inscription in ink to verso cover and first free endpaper; mildly bumped corners. NO foxing and tight body! Signed in ink to Title Page.)
    Hooray Me! I'm thinking I May offer this book for sale or offer.

  4. Thanks for the info! I picked up a first edition copy of Dick in the Everglades at a local thrift store. It had writing inside but I bought it anyway (just too cool to leave behind). When I got it home, I realized the "writing" was an inscription and then signature by the author! It was inscribed to William Loeb, Jr, who became famous in his own right for being the ultra conservative publisher of the Manchester (NH) Union Leader, kid of the ox News of its day. But he was also had an estate near where I live here in norther Mass.
    It's been hard to find info on Dimock's books. I appreciate the info...and I'm bookmarking your page!