Sunday, November 15, 2009

Unkown Series Book

Here is a another unknown series book. It dates between 1880-1930. How's this for a hint. The author shot himself . You need another hint. OK. The author did all the illustrations for the series.


  1. As the anonymous fisherman cited earlier, my friend Cary let me have it last post! I'm sorry to have disappointed him with my lack of knowledge of 20th C. series books! He thinks that just because there's a fisherman on the book cover, the title should be obvious to even a dummy like me. Well, here's a wild guess on this latest post: Deer Lodge Series/ W. Gordon Parker (auth. & illust.) /Lee & Shepard/ Grant Burton the Runaway. This is probably completely wrong but it's the best guess I have. BTW: I just catch fish...I don't read about others who get a lucky nibble now and then! ...Anonymous/AKA Jonah