Tuesday, June 9, 2009

19th Century Dust Jackets- Payne Holden and Company

19th century dust jackets are quite scarce. As you can imagine, the jackets were frequently removed from the book voluntarily or torn/destroyed involuntarily. Most of the jackets of course were published contemporaneously with the books by the publisher of the book.

There is a subcategory however in which the jackets were published by a different company. Payne, Holden and Company, based in Dayton was one of these latter companies. Advertisements in the various trade journals in the late 1870's advertise the Payne Holden book covers. The book covers were patented November 16, 1875 as per the advertisements. As noted below, the covers were for covering "school books". They could be applied in one second and were stronger than cloth.

This book" An Elementary Grammar of the English Language for the Use of Schools" written by Thos. W. Harvey was copyrighted in 1869. It was one of numerous well received school books published by Wilson, Hinkle & Co. from Cincinnati. This book was co-published with Claxton, Remsen & Haffelfinger (Philadelphia) and Clark & Maynard ( New York).

Exact dating is impossible but I can get pretty close. Clark & Maynard were in business between 1863 and 1889. Claxton, Remsen, & Heffelfinger published books between 1868 and 1880. Since these jackets were patented in 1875, this book and jacket are undoubtedly from the years between 1875 -1880. An inscription scribbled in the book of 1883 helps a bit.

This is a nice example of an 1870's dust jacket


  1. Hello Bibliohaven. Thank you for your most interesting post on Payne, Holden & Company Patent Dust Jackets. I have a very nice example covering a 10' x 13" school book. It's called GUYOT'S GRAMMAR SCHOOL GEOGRAPHY. First published in 1874 by Scribner, Armstrong & Company of New York, the dust jacket dates from the period 1875-1878 when the above publisher changed it's name to Charles Scribner's Sons. On the front of the jacket is a picture of some soldiers, with the title of the textbook and below that it says "Sold by SANFORD & CO. 364 Main Street, WORCESTER, MASS. then below that says Holden Book Cover, Patented November 16th, 1875. There's a bordering pattern around the edges. On the rear of the jacket is an advertisement in the centre with bordering which reads: Sandford & Co. Dealers in all kinds of School Books and School Merchandise, Slates, Blank Books, Pencils, Rubberws, Ink, Pens, and everything wanted by Scholars in Public Schools. Remember the place - SANFORD'S Cor. Main and Maple Sts, Lincoln House Block, WORCESTER, MASS. The Jacket is in two pieces with the spine of jacket no longer there but is largely intact and very readable. The jacket has been held in place by the sleeves which are folded and glued over in two places front and rear in 3 rounded oval sides. I hope to show some photos of the jacket sometime. best regards, Duncan Quarterman (Australia)

  2. Elementary grammar by Thos. Warvey 1869 looking for a price on it.