Monday, June 22, 2009

Appleton Book Contest Flyer in 1912

Nowadays I always check through the books I buy thinking I might find a nice advertising flyer or other book ephemera. Usually I come up with nothing or a pressed leaf. Although the likelihood is zero, I am still waiting to find that mint Honus Wagner baseball card. Today while reshelving some books I did find a nice bit of ephemera.

Bucking the Line was written by William Heyliger and published by D. Appleton and Company first in 1912.
Appleton was publishing numerous sports books in this era by Heyliger and the very prolific Ralph Henry Barbour. Barbour was concentrating more on his sports' books by this time than his romance novels. But Appleton was a big time publisher and although their print runs of juvenile books may not have been large, they had an impressive list of publications nevertheless.

Inside the Heyliger book I found a flyer announcing a "Prize Contest for Boys". The contest required the reader to write an opinion of Heyliger's football book. The best opinions would win any one of a number of different Appleton books.

Most of the books were sports' books but there was an historical fiction book by Hezekiah Butterworth and an adventure book by Joseph Altsheler.

Certainly the winner who received 10 books got a nice prize.

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