Friday, June 12, 2009

Ralph Henry Barbour and Lippincott

Although Ralph Henry Barbour (1870-1944) is best known for the various sport's books he wrote (more than 100), he also penned a number of adult romances, fiction and mystery books.

Of the 14 adult romance books he wrote, 11 were published by J.B. Lippincott Company. The other three were published by Appleton, Richard Badger, and Moffat, Yard and Co.

The Lippincott books are quite exceptional. Cloth with gold gilt designs. Applique pictures on the cover. The pages were all glossy with border decorations and pictures. With a $1.50- $2.00 price tag they were special books.They were published between 1904 and 1915, simultaneously with the publication of Barbour's sports' books.

As is to be expected, Lippincott produced advertising flyers to announce these books. Appreciate that the June 5, 2009 entry in this blog showed some stamps promoting Lippincott books. The Barbour book, Heart's Content, can be seen there.

Shown here is an advertising flyer for An Orchard Princess which was published in 1905. I suspect all of the Lippincott Barbour books had these flyers. This is the only one I have seen

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