Monday, July 27, 2009

Box and Dust Jacket from 1888

It is one thing to find a boxed book from the 1880's. It is another stroke of good fortune to find a dust jacketed book from the same era. But to find one item that has both is extremely good fortune.

Here is a box (9.75 x 9) for the book Winged Flower-Lovers by Fidelia Bridges and Susie Barstow Skelding. The book was published book by Frederick A. Stokes and brother in 1888. This company was in business from 1887-1890. It succeeded White, Stokes and Allen and it was succeeded by Frederick A. Stokes Company.

The jacket is a plain brown with the words seasons greetings on it. The book cover is actually a wrap around a soft paper cover. The book itself is only 22 pages and consists of poems and pictures of birds.

Overall a nice example of a 19th century box/dust jacket.

By the way, I wanted to wish my daughter Alyssa a very happy birthday.

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