Saturday, July 4, 2009

Thomas Knox and the Boy Traveller Series

As noted yesterday, Thomas Knox wrote numerous books, a number of which were part of juvenile series. His most well read series was clearly the Boy Travellers.

This 15 book series was published by Harper and Brothers in large (9 x 7) volumes . The covers were well illustrated in multiple colors and gold gilt. Each cover was different with a book appropriate picture.
The text was supplemented with maps and copious numbers of pictures. Initially they were priced at $3.00 each-a high price for a book in those years. Although it is likely they had dust jackets , I have never seen one.

Here is the series.
The Boy Travellers
Adventures of Two Youths
1. In Japan and China 1879
2. In Siam and Java 1880
3. In Ceylon and India 1881
4. In Egypt and Palestine 1882
5. Through Africa 1883
6. in South America 1885
7. In the Russian Empire 1886
8. In the Congo 1887
9. In Australasia 1888
10. In Mexico 1889
11. In Great Britain 1890
12. In Northern Europe 1891
13. In Central Europe 1892
14. In Southern Europe 1893
15. In The Levant 1894

More Knox Series information tomorrow.

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  1. Where can one acquire these books other than Abe and Amazon?