Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Our Lucky Series -Paper Book Book

Lee and Shepard published numerous sets of juveniles from the 1860's until 1905.
Authors such as Oliver Optic, Elijah Kellogg, and James DeMille were among numerous extremely popular authors that wrote books for this publisher. Virtually all of the Lee and Shepard books for juveniles came in sets although they were sold individually as well as in boxes. Nowadays of course finding boxes is quite difficult.

There are 114 Lee and Shepard juvenile series listed in my 19th century bibliography and there is only one I know of that the books were published in both hard cover and paperback. Those books are part of the Our Lucky Series. It is a multi authored series of Boys' adventure books.

The Good Old Times written by Rev. Elijah Kellogg is pictured here in both formats.
The illustration on the cover of the paper back book comes from an illustration in the cloth book after page 124. Although the cloth bound book has numerous illustrations, the paper back book has none.

Paper back Lee and Shepard books are quite uncommon.

Here is a list of the books which were published in 1878.

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  1. How much would a book by Elijah Wood first edition signed by the author be worth today?