Monday, July 6, 2009

Lee and Shepard Advertising Flyer for Asiatic Breezes

As has been mentioned, one way book publishers advertised in the 19th century was by means of small flyers. Here is an excellent example.

Lee and Shepard promoted the Oliver Optic book Asiatic Breezes with this small (4.75 x 3.75) flyer. Interestingly the publisher notes that the advertisement is for literary editors not booksellers. Perhaps it was given to periodicals that reviewed books as a reminder to mention the book in some article.

The book itself is the fourth book in the second All Over the World Series written by Oliver Optic (W.T Adams). The book shown is the one that is noted in the advertisement. It was published in 1895.

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  1. This slip appears to be an indication that this was a review copy. Based on my research, publishers routinely sent copies to magazines and newspapers in hopes of getting a "notice" (brief listing) or a "review".

    As today, some publications are eager for material and simply copied the supplied "press release" or prewritten review/summary.

    Sometimes, however, the editors decided to actually read the book and write their own review. American Boy magazine did this once to a Dave Porter volume. When Stratemeyer complained about the review, the editor's defense was that he was sent a copy to review. Thereafter Stratemeyer directed all of his publishers to refrain from sending any review copies to American Boy.

    James Keeline