Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Boyhood of Living Authors-W.H. Rideing and Thomas Higginson

The Boyhood of Living Authors is a fascinating book written by W. H. Rideing in 1887. The book which was published by Crowell includes sketches of eighteen authors. Some of those included are J.T. Trowbridge, Thomas Knox, Edward Everett Hale and Thomas Higginson. The preface notes that many of the sketches were done with the assistance of the subjects.

Apparently Thomas Higginson was given an early draft of the chapter about him. He wrote Rideing and thanked him for being included in the book. Higginson asked however that Rideing alter a passage. It referred to a line that mentioned that Higginson's mother read to him. Higginson thought it implied that he was forced to listen to his mother read. The line complained of was omitted from the chapter.

I am enclosing the pertinent part of the actual letter that Higginsoin sent to Rideing in 1887.

More about Higginson and Rideing will be included in future blogs Each of these authors is credited with being writers for two series in my 19th century bibliography.

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