Friday, September 4, 2009

Charles Clark Munn and " Uncle Terry"

Charles Clark Munn (1848-1917) was raised on a farm but spent his working life as a commercial traveler . He also wrote a number of books - including Pocket Romance, Rockhaven, The Hermit as well as Uncle Terry.

His Uncle Terry book is of more than passing interest because it was dramatized and shown as a play.

Uncle Terry is the story of a lighthouse keeper who finds a child who was on a wrecked vessel. The story documents her life and her "actual" identity becomes an interesting mystery. Of course, the usual shyster types get involved making the tale a bit more interesting.

The book was quite popular. It was copyrighted by Lee and Shepard in 1900. That book is shown here with its dust jacket. The story was dramatized by William Gill as is noted on the trade card and shown during the 1901-1902 season.


  1. is the pink card shown above for sale? Mr. Jas R. Waite was my husband's grandfather and I have been trying to research more of his life but this would be a neat bit of memorbilia for the family.

  2. We have an original copy of "The Heart Of Uncle Terry" copywright 1915 . It was in an old trunk from my grandfather's . It's a hardcover red with a heart and a man's picture in the heart. It's not in perfect condition however , the pages are all there and none are ripped. I was wondering if you would have any idea of the value of this book? Sincerely J Wybenga Thank you

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