Monday, September 7, 2009

Great American Industries Series by Hugh C. Weir

The Great American Industries Series is a five book series written by Hugh C. Weir and published by W. A. Wilde Company. This seres These books are designed to highlight various industries with the aid of a youngster who is working in the field. The titles tell the reader what the industry is. Each book has a number of well illustrated glossy pictures. The latter three books were illustrated by Frank T. Merrill while the first two were done by William Frederick Stecher and John Goss respectively.

Wilde was a Chicago publisher that printed fifteen series in the Mattson guide and a number that are not listed. More about this company will come in the future.

Hugh C. Weir (1884-1934) was a prolific writer responsible for hundreds of movie scenarios, and numerous short stories, articles and books. He died at the age of 49 while editorial director of Tower magazines.

He was born in Illinois. As a teenager he worked at the Springfield Sun in Ohio , the dayton Herald and the Erie Times. He sold his first movie scenario to the Universal Film Company at the age of 20. Later in life he worked in the newspaper industry as well as in an advertising agency which he founded with Catherine McNelis-- McNelis-Weir Advertising Agency.

Weir was an avid Dickens collector. Apparently he had one of the best and most complete collections of first editions in the country.

Listed below are the five books which make up the Great American Industries Series. It is the only series of juvenile books that he wrote.

1. With the Flag in Panama 1911
2. The Young Shipper of the Great Lakes 1912
3. "Cinders- the Young Apprentice of the Steel Mill 1914
4. The Young Wheat Scout 1915
5. The Young Telephone Inventor 1917

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