Friday, August 7, 2009

Jack Hall- A Peter Parley to Penrod Book

Peter Parley to Penrod books are considered special. I mentioned this in a July 12, 2009 entry. When Jacob Blanck, the eminent bibliographer, included certain works in his book, he instantly elevated their status.

Here is another Peter Parley to Penrod book. This is the first printing of Jack Hall or the School Days of an American Boy. The copyright is 1887 but as so often is the case, the first edition (printing) reveals the following year on the title page. In this instance the title page says 1888. The world famous department store Jordan, Marsh and Company published a number of books and this is one.

The book is not unlike many that have preceded it in regards to school boy adventures. Perhaps the most famous predecessor is Tom Brown at Rugby and Tom Brown's Schooldays written in England by Thomas Hughes.

This title has been seen in green, brown and blue. No cover has any special significance. As noted above, the book's status is lofty because of the mention in the Blanck book. ABE listings have the book priced between $55 and $250 (depending on condition).

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