Saturday, August 22, 2009

Unusual Series- Boxed with Holly Attached to Cover

Generally speaking when I get a book that has a dust jacket or is within a labeled box, it is a successful book day. When the book comes with a jacket and a box , it is even better. What other combinations exist?
Well today I have one for you.

Henry Altemus' Christmas Gift Series was a series of 25 books. They were never advertised or mentioned in any publisher's' catalogues or advertisements. In fact the only identification of the Christmas Gift Series is on a labeled box. Beyond the box that the book comes in however there is something else. The books come with a piece of holly attached to them. In fact the box is a bit deeper than is necessary for the book to fit in order to accommodate the holly. As you can see the box is decorated by pictures of holly.

The series was published in 1906-1907. The books have been seen with a pink or green linen cloth. The titles are the usual multi authored reprints of many classic titles. See: .

So here is a very unusual series of books that are boxed with a piece of holly attached to the front cover.

Quite unique!!

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