Sunday, August 23, 2009

Rupert Hughes, The Author of the Lakerim Series

Here is an interesting piece of ephemera relating to author Rupert Hughes (1872-1956). My interest in Hughes is due to the three volume Lakerim Series he authored. This juvenile series was published by the Century Company between 1898-1910.

Hughes however is really not known because of this series. He wrote an important biographical work about George Washington in 1926. He was a film director, a playwright, a composer and the uncle of the famous Howard Hughes. He also penned more than fifty books both fiction and non fiction. Some of his plays were quite successful on Broadway.

According to his biographer, James O. Kemm, almost fifty motion pictures were made from stories or novels written by Hughes. In looking at the titles, I am afraid I am not familiar with any of them. For more about Hughes see Rupert Hughes: A Hollywood Legend, James O. Kemm. Pomegranate Press 1997.

This postcard has a picture of Rupert Hughes on the front and an advertisement for his book , Clipped Wings, on the reverse. The card says "new novel" about the book and since the book was published by Harper and Brothers in 1914, the card probably was from 1914 . The later A.L. Burt published book is a reprint.

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