Friday, August 21, 2009

An 1894 Blackie Henty Advertising Flyer

Today in a Henty book I found a nice little two page flyer advertising Blackie Henty books. This is the second one I have seen and therefore Blackie must have printed a number of them. My guess is that they probably published a new one yearly as an advertising vehicle. But this is purely a guess. Each page measures 4.75 x 3.5.

In attempting to date this piece I have looked at all the books listed. I checked their dates with the authoritative source about Henty books-Peter Newbolt's G.A. Henty.
(This volume is 700 page long.) If you have any interest in Henty, this book is a must. Newbolt has print run numbers for the Blackie Henty's -pretty impressive.

Through the Sikh War published on June 13th, 1894 is the latest published book I can find within the listed books. Thus, this is an 1894 advertising piece.

The book I found it in is shown here. It was published by Sampson Low, Marston and Company. I do not know its date.


  1. These little flyers are always nice to find and I have about 25 from several of Henty's UK copyright publishers. Blackie issued them randomly rather than annually. All henty first editions published by Blackie were issued in the year prior to the title page date. Their reasoning be to have the book still looking fresh for Christmas sales ! Publishers !?!
    Roger Childs
    PS Clearly I'm not anonymous, but this 'Comment' system doesn't work for me !

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