Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Egerton Young Advertising Pamphlet

Here is a very nice two page advertisement Egerton Young's books which were printed by Eaton and Mains.

Young (1840-1909) was a Methodist minister who served as a missionary in Northern manitoba between 1868 and 1876. Based on his experiences among several Indian tribes, he spent the rest of his life writing and lecturing. In fact if you look at the second page of the pamphlet, there is a list of five lectures he could do for your organization.

Eaton and Mains was part of the Methodist Book Concern and published between 1896 and 1913. It succeeded Hunt and Eaton. The Methodist Book Concern was formed as an auxiliary agency of Methodism with the idea being to publish wholesome and moralistic books. It was founded in 1789. This New York based "Concern" ran in parallel to the Western Methodist Book Concern that was located in Cincinnati.

In my bibliography there are more than fifty books
published by various Methodist Book Concern publishers.
The author stable included Edward A. Rand and Hesba Stretton among many others

Below is a book advertised in this flyer.
Well constructed with numerous photographs
and illustrations, this is a nicely produced book.

Here is a picture of the of headquarters building
where Eaton and Mains published their works.
It is at 150 5th Avenue in New York and is still there

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  1. I have seen similar juvenile book promotion ephemera over the years. It seems to survive almost always by accident, loosely laid in and overlooked, discovered only by thumbing through the book and finding it accidentally. Somewhere I have a few pieces of it lying around...