Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Peck's Bad Boy Board game

The first Peck's Bad Boy book was published in 1883 by Belford, Clarke and Company. During the next 45 years the Peck's Bad Boy "franchise" included numerous books, plays in theaters all across the country, three movies, continuous newspaper comics, and two board games.

A number of juvenile books had associated board games but not many were as early as this one.

This is the game board.

The Bad Boy's Little Game and was published by the R. Bliss Manufacturing Company in 1891. Bliss was founded by Rufus Bliss in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. It was later sold to Mason and Parker of Winchendon, Massachusetts. The cover of the box features pictures of Bad Boy vignettes as well as a portrait of George W. Peck with a caption- Gov of Wisconsin. Within the box is the board, 4 player pieces and 24 cards. I do not have the spinner (or dice) that moves the pieces. The box pictured here is 15.5 x 7.

These are the game pieces.
They are His Girl, His Pa, His Chum
and The Bad Boy

Below are the 24 cards. They are 2 x 1.25. When matched up, they form 12 unique pictures.

When you play the game there are a number
of places to get a card. I do not have the directions but I think that the person wit the most pictures wins the game. Only a guess though.

The second Peck game-Peck's Bad Boy at
the Circus was published by Milton Bradley
in 1939. I will show it in the future.


  1. I wonder the status of the Milton Bradley (1939) board game for Peck's Bad Boy. You did not re-post, and I am very curious. Please respond to my email as listed in the comment. Thank you ever so much.