Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Norman Carver Series by Clarence Burleigh

Clarence Burleigh was the author of two juvenile series. Those were the Raymond Benson Series and the Norman Carver Series. I thought I would review the Norman Carver Series here today.

As with most of the Lothrop, Lee and Shepard Series, the books are bit larger (8 x 5.5) and sturdier than the usual Cupples and Leon, Altemus, Grosset and Dunlap etc. series books. The books were published in three consecutive years-1908, 1909, 1910. H.C. Edwards illustrated all three books although there were some supplemental photographs.

Clarence Burleigh (1864-) . He graduated from Bowdoin,College in Maine in the Class of 1887. Other authors noted in this blog such as Edward A. Rand and Elijah Kellogg have also matriculated from Bowdoin.

Later he was the editor of the Kennebec Journal in Augusta , Maine. He was also active in local politics but I have been able to find out very little about his personal and professional life.

The three books follow the adventures of Norman Carver and his buddy Fred Warner. The first two books are about their adventures in the logging industry of Maine. In the first book they are part of a logging camp while in the second book they are members of a crew of logger drivers. The third book details the boys adventures in the Maine woods during hunting season. Apparently Burleigh knew the woods well as he notes in his preface that he is giving an accurate portrayal of this area.

The books are not too difficult to obtain, but as always, jacketed ones are at a premium.

1, All Among the Loggers 1908
2. With Pickpole and Peavy 1909
3. The Young Guide 1910

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