Friday, October 23, 2009

Frank Merriwell Comics

Every now and then a series book character will make a leap into another form of entertainment. The movies are probably one of the most common. Another modality is the comics. We have previously discussed Frank Merriwell. Of course in addition to being a dime novel hero, Merriwell appeared in his own juvenile series published by Street and Smith, Federal, and McKay. The former two publishers' series have been reviewed.

Merriwell , of course, appeared in movies, plays, radio, etc. I thought I would show some examples of his comic book adventures.

In 1940 Street and Smith published "Shadow Comics". A number of characters beside the Shadow were featured in these books. Bill Barnes, Doc Savage, and Frank Merriwell.
Merriwell excited us for four issues.

He had his own comic in 1955. It lasted four issues and was called Frank Merriwell at Yale. It was published by the Charlton Comics Group.

Certainly one of the major heroes of an era since past.


  1. Prosperity in sports comics was not assured even with a strong lead character. If ever there was one, it was Frank Merriwell. This All-American athlete was renowned in juvenile fiction and on a radio show long before he appeared in comic book pages.

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