Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Percy Family Series by Daniel C. Eddy

Yesterday I reviewed Eddy's two volume travelogue series. Of course, these oversized books with great illuminated board covers really appeal to me.

Today while I still had Eddy's books all over my desk I thought I would review the Percy Family Series. This five volume series was published by three different publishers. Andrew F. Graves, Graves and Young, and The American Baptist Society (Philadelphia).

First Edition by published by Andrew Graves

Andrew F. Graves did all the first editions. Graves and Young began their publishing life in 1862-1863 when Henry A. Young joined Graves. In 1868 they split up and Andrew F. Graves retained the Percy Family rights. Thus there is an 1868 edition of this series published by Andrew F. Graves after he Graves and Young reprint editions. The earlier Graves Company was at 24 Cornhill in Boston whereas Graves and Young were at 24 Cornhill and the later Andrew F. Graves was at 20 Cornhill .

Here is the Graves and Young edition in 1865.

The book with the two people on the cover
is the Our Travelling party book.

Below is the later Andrew F. Graves book in green.
I have seen it in maroon also.

The pre-1968 publications were co-published with Sheldon and Company. See blog on 9/10/2009. After the 1868 editions, the American Baptist Publishing Society did an edition.

Later the books were renamed as another series. The five volume "Our Travelling Party" Series was published by D. Lothrop and Company, Ira Bradley and Bradley and Woodruff.

The series follows the adventures of the Percy Family through Europe.
1. Visit to Ireland 1859
2. England and Scotland 1859
3. Paris to Amsterdam 1860
4. Baltic to Vesuvius 1860
5. Alps and the Rhine 1860

The engraved illustration of the Percy Family at the front of the book was done by Winslow Homer.

The Our Travelling Party books all were published by D. Lothrop and Company in 1882.
The covers of these titles by the three publishers that printed them are identical.

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