Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Boys of Today Series by Carl Brandt

Reilly and Britton published a number of series over the years. Last month I showed a nice flyer that advertised some of these books. Some of their series are quite rare like the Sam Steele Series. Some of their series are very collectible like their Big Game Series and the Boy Scout Series. Here is a series that is neither valuable nor very collectible.

The Boys of Today (and the Men of Tomorrow) is a three book series written by Carl Brandt that highlight great careers for boys. Of course, the more common careers of the 1916-1917 era were somewhat different from what those typical vocations of the 21st century. The books highlight building dams, growing corn and working in the lumber industry.
The books are well illustrated - each with four glossies.

The books each have a common cover decoration. In addition , with the exception of the title, the dust jacket illustration is common to the series. The jacket was illustrated by Fred Arting who also illustrated the Tom Wickham book.

I have included a book mark I found in the Corn Grower book. I thought it was quite a coincidence to find a ribbon for a Farmers' Week in a book about farming. Unfortunately my bookmark was not a Honus Wagner baseball card.

The Boys of Today
1. Tom Wickham, Corn Grower 1916 Illustrator- Fred J. Arting
2. Bob Hazard, Dam Builder 1916 -Illustrator Herbert Morton Stoops
3. Jerry King, Timber Cruiser 1917 - Harry A. Armstrong

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