Monday, October 5, 2009

Ralph Henry Barbour

Ralph Henry Barbour wrote more than 150 books. Sports' books made up most of his writings but he also wrote romance novels, some mysteries , a few stories a involving the sea, and a number on miscellaneous topics. He even published a book about automobile driving-"For Safety". The sports' books were mainly in series form with all sports represented-hockey, football, baseball etc.

Barbour (1870-1944) was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He started work as a reporter after early successes with sales of poems and jingles to weekly magazines. He worked for newspapers in Boston, Philadelphia and other cities.
Toward the end of his newspaper career he began to write novels and eventually made that his vocation.

A number of publishers printed his books but a plurality were done by Appleton-Century and its D. Appleton predecessor. Early romance novels were mostly published by Lippincott.

As time goes on I will highlight various series and books done by this prolific author. I have including a sampling of his books here with an inscribed book page.

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