Friday, October 16, 2009

Dotty Dimple Series Boxed Set

Everyone has their favorite collectibles. In the book world mine are 19th century boxed sets. That is not to say I have many of them but to me they are very special.
Lee and Shepard, one of the giants in juvenile series book publishing in that era, produced a boxed set for virtually every series they published. Initially the books would be published separately and then finally combined into a boxed set after the requisite number of books were done.

Here on the back of an advertising flyer for the Quinnebasset Series written by Sophie May is a great listing of a number of May's series with pictures of the boxed sets.

Pictured here is the a boxed set for the Dotty Dimple Series. The last of the six books in this series was published in 1870. All six of my books have 1876 on the title page. Thus this is a later set. I would have thought that Lee and Shepard only did one set per series. That is, each boxed set for this series published over a number of year period would have the same paste-on cover and side labels. Clearly I was mistaken.

Although the picture is small (even on the original), on the bottom left of the advertising flyer shown here is a picture of the Dotty Dimple box. The cover picture is different from the one seen on my box.

I think because of popularity and large publishing runs that the Lee and Shepard boxed sets are easier to find than other publisher's works.

Here are the six books of this series.
Dotty Dimple at Her Grandmother's 1868
DD at Home 1868
DD out West 1868
DD at Play 1869
DD at School 1869
DD's Flyaway 1870

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