Saturday, October 17, 2009

Ralph Henry Barbour Boxed Book

In the last post I showed a nice boxed set of a series from the 1870's. Boxes are not just seen with series/sets. There are many other styles and formats of boxed books.
Today I thought I would show a box that has a book by a previously noted author: Ralph Henry Barbour.

Barbour wrote a number of romance novels in the early 1900's Most were published by Lippincott. Some Lippincott books have been seen with pictorial dust jackets , others boxed with glassine jackets.

Here is a nice example. Most often the box cover is similar but not an exact duplicate of the book cover.
You can see that here.
This book , My Lady of the Fog, was published in 1908.
On one of the flaps of the box the particulars about the book including the price is noted.

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