Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Boys and Girls Travel Tales by Butterworth

The Educational Travel Series written by Hezekiah Butterworth was a three book series published by Dana Estes and Company. Also called the Boys' and Girls' Travel Series it was later combined with three other "Travel Tales" which were written by G, Waldo Browne to comprise the Boys and Girls Travel Library.

These books were typical of the travelogue books that Butterworth wrote. Loosely based on fact with numerous illustrations "borrowed" from other sources. As opposed to the Zigzag stories, each book in this series featured a different set of travelers. In the preface however he notes that he is trying to emulate the form of the Zigzag stories. Pictured are covers from the books.

One interesting note should be made about the cover designs. If you look closely you can see the initials of Amy M. Sacker at the base of the South Africa book. The initials seen on the other two books are slightly different. Consultation with cover designer expert David Ogle pointed me to Adrian J. Iorio. This was a person who I had never heard of. Within the decoration just below gold "U" in Butterworth are the initials.

According to Publishers Designers in PBO Iorio worked for the Wayside Press before going out on his own around 1900. The designs he did are described as " bolder, broader lines; simpler, interlacing border patterns; and brighter colors."

#1. Traveller Tales of South Africa 1900
#2. Traveller Tales of China 1901
#3. Traveller Tales of Pan-American Countries 1902

(Despite the American origin of these books, the British spelling of Traveler was used in their titles.)

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