Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Magnet Stories by Lynde Palmer

This book is published by HB Nims in 1877

The Magnet Series is a four book series written by Lynde Palmer ( Mary Louise Parmalee Peebles 1833-1915). Peebles authored a number of books mainly religious/moralistic and temperance tales. She was born in Lansingburg, New York and graduated from the Lansingburg Academy in 1850.

This series is another one that shows the evolution of publishing houses in the 19th century. The first 3 books in the series were published by Moore and Nims. This Troy, New York publishing house. Moore and Nims begun in 1858 was preceded by Merriam, Moore and Co. and succeeded by H.B. Nims & Company in 1869. H.B. Nims was the first publisher of book #4.

Later HB Nims was succeeded by Nims and Knight in 1882. Finally Joseph Knight moved from Troy to Boston and formed his own company Joseph Knight in 1892.

Lynde Palmer's books were immensely popular. Nims reported sales of more than 100,000 of her books. This was a very large number for books of this ilk.

This book is a first edition published by Moore and Nims in 1868

Here is the series list:
1. Drifting and Steering 1867
2. One Day's Weaving 1867
3. Archie's Shadow 1868
4. John Jack 1870

In advertisements: "To show the ugliness of pride and the value and beauty of love".

Here is the publishing history
1. Moore and Nims-Volumes 1-3
2. H.B. Nims and Company- Volumes 1-4
3. Nims and Knight #1-4
4. Joseph Knight #1-4
5. Ward and Drummond #1-4

This book is an HB Nims book published in 1885.

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